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2014 = 1:1 iPads in 5G

Ipads in primary schools isn't anything new. Once upon a time chalk was THE education technology, remember. So embarking upon a Year 5 class of 1:1 ipads might not be the most impressive concept for many savvy, modern educators - but for me, it's tremendously exciting and I'll even admit, a tiny bit intimidating.

Having said that, I can't think of anything better than being able to empower my students in a fashion that they respond to and will become masters of in time.

I am going to blog throughout my professional learning journey so that I can capture both the awesome and the aggravating alike. I think it's important to share such a process honestly and openly so that fellow educators can see what it has been like to integrate ipads into the daily life of a Grade Five classroom.

Wish me luck, bring on February!


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