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21st Century Education is Digital Resourcing

Reading any professional education literature recently you would've come across the term; 21st Century Education. Seems obvious enough considering we've been in this century for awhile now!

But when articles refer to 21st Century Learners, terms like "informed citizenship", "continuous learning" and "global communication" are used regularly. The need for critical thinkers and problem solvers has never been higher and these skills are not automatic - someone has to teach them. And we have to teach them well so that our students graduate with the ability to operate ethically and successfully in the modern world.

The video mentioned the pace at which students are expected to learn and consequently, the pace at which teachers are expected to teach. The busy-ness and competitiveness spoken of, I believe, will define the social and economic environment that we send our students into. Equipping our kids with practical and responsible skill sets must therefore include serious emphasis on what I call 'social digital learning'. Social Learners must be fluent communicators and Digital Learners need to be able to navigate a variety of technologies to solve/create/share/discuss/plan/test etc. What an awesome concept for modern teachers; integrate the curriculum using social/digital methods. I'm on it!

Getting such learning to occur outside of the physical classroom is both an exciting and challenging mandate for current educators. The budgeting and resource allocation constrictions schools experience, has to largely influence their capacity to adequately supply and support digital systems with enough reliability to achieve the ICT demands of 21st Century Learners. Getting that first part right is no easy feat and it requires continual investments of significant funds, time and personnel.

Once that happens, with the right vision, the right leadership, the right staff and the right school support - what can't you do? This is the [envious] situation I now find myself in. So with all this in this space!


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